How do I attach documents using Attachment Manager?

To attach documents using the Attachment Manager:

  1. The file you wish to attach needs to be accessible from the user's machine or local area network.

  2. Click the Attachment Manager hyperlink in the menu bar (this option is only available if the document is in draft).

  3. Use the "Browse" button to locate the file to be attached, select the file and click "Open"

  4. Once located, user will click the "Upload" hyperlink next to the "Browse" button. This will physically upload the file to the web server. If the attached document is later updated by the user on their local drive, it must be deleted from DGS and uploaded again to capture the change within DGS.

  5. User will now see the file listed.

    1. To delete the file from the document folder.

      1. Check the checkbox next to the file name.

      2. Click the Delete hyperlink to the right of the Browse function.

    2. To download the file listed:

      1. To download a single file in the list - click on the individual file name, a File Download dialog box will pop up.

        1. Select Open to view the individual file.

        2. Select Save to save the individual file locally (may want to save to a different folder).

        3. Select Cancel to close the window.

      2. To download multiple files in the list – user will check the checkbox beside each file to be downloaded.

        1. Clicking the "Download" hyperlink will create a zip file containing all checked files and open a File Download dialog box.

        2. Selecting Open will open user's ZIP software application allowing users to manipulate the zip file.

        3. Selecting Save will save the zip file locally to a user selected location.

  6. In the bottom section of the Attachment Manager Screen is Section J Attachments

    1. Three NIH predefined items (Statement of Work, Packaging and Delivery of Proposal and Government Property Schedule) checked in Section J of the document tree that requires a user generated attached file will be listed under Document Topic.

    2. To attach a file, the user must have already uploaded the file and see it listed in the top section of this screen.

    3. The uploaded file name(s) will appear in the dropdown list box under Attachments column corresponding to the Document Topic.

    4. Select the file name then click the Attach hyperlink to the right.

    5. The file name will now appear in the Current Referenced File column.

    6. To remove an attached file: simply click the Remove hyperlink under the file name in the Current Referenced File column.

    7. If the Attachment Manager was accessed from the Summary screen - the Summary button at the bottom of the screen will take you back to the Summary screen.

    8. If the Attachment Manager was accessed from the Details screen - the "Close" button at the bottom of the pop up window will close the window.


Last Modified On: Aug 27, 2013