How do I create a link in the DGS document to the files in the Attachment Manager (for attachments that are not in Section J's predefined attachments list)?

Files can be uploaded in the Attachment Manager window and in the item content a hyperlink to that attached file may be created in the Editor with the Insert/Edit Link feature (see: Adding an Attachment In the Editor screen).

  1. From the Summary screen or the Details screen open the Attachment Manager by clicking on the "Attachment Manager" hyperlink in the menu bar.

  2. To add a file to be attached to the document.

    1. Use the Browse feature to locate the file.

    2. Click on the "Upload" hyperlink to the right of the Browse feature.

    3. The file will now appear in the Attachments list and may be linked to from anywhere in the document.

    4. Close the Attachment Manager.

  3. To add a hyperlink reference to the attached file in the document.

    1. Open the document from the View screen.

    2. Click on the document number – this will take you to the Summary screen.

    3. Click on the Details hyperlink in the menu bar.

    4. In the Details screen navigate the document to the item where hyperlink should appear.

    5. Select the item and click on the "Edit" icon in the toolbar.

    6. In the edit screen place cursor where hyperlink should appear or select text that will become the hyperlink (if no text is selected the hyperlink's filename will appear as the hyperlink text).

    7. Click on the "Insert/Edit Link" icon in the toolbar.

    8. Select "Attach" in the Link Type dropdown list box.

    9. The file that was added in the Attachment Manager will now appear in the attachments list.

    10. Select the file by clicking on the file name (selected file will be highlighted in yellow).

    11. Click the "OK" button to proceed or "Cancel" button to cancel.

    12. In the edit screen click the "Save" button to save the edit



Last Modified On: Aug 26, 2013