Once I create an RFP document, can I change it to a Contract document?

No, once a document is created, there is no way to switch that document to another document type; however, there is a workaround. If you have workform items in one document that you would like to use in the new document, you may copy individual items or an entire section to the new document. Perform these steps to copy items from one document to a draft document:

  1. Create the new document from the latest template.

  2. From the document Details screen, select “Copy Item” from the menu

  3. In the right pane, search for the document containing the content you wish to copy.

    1. Enter search criteria in the form fields to locate desired document.

    2. Click the “Search” button to the right.

    3. Select the desired document from the dropdown list.
      Users may return to the Document Search screen and change the search criteria by clicking on the “Return to Search” button.

  4. Once a document is selected, the document tree will be displayed beneath.

  5. Navigate the tree to locate the section or item to be copied.
    The tree branch can be expanded or collapsed by selecting an item and right clicking the mouse to view the menu options. Select the Expand Branch icon to expand the selected branch or the Collapse Branch icon to collapse the selected branch. To view the contents of the selected item or section, go to the toolbar above and select the HTML Preview icon to view in HTML or select the PDF Preview icon to view in PDF format. Users may also access the preview features by right clicking the mouse on a selected item and then selecting the preferred preview option from the menu.

  6. Select the item to be copied by left clicking the mouse on the item (a blue dotted line will appear around the item in the tree).

  7. While holding the left mouse button down, drag the item to the desired location in your document tree (left pane).

  8. A confirmation window will pop up asking user to confirm the location the item will be placed.
    If the location is correct, click on the “OK” button.
    If the location is not correct, click on the “Cancel” button

  9. The new item or section will appear in your document tree with a copy icon identifying it as a copied item.

  10. The new copied item becomes a custom item and can be moved anywhere in the tree or it can be deleted.

  11. To delete:  Simply uncheck the checkbox in the tree by left clicking on the mouse inside the checkbox to remove the checkmark (recommended method), OR

  12. Select the item and click on the Delete icon in the toolbar. This action will remove the item and its contents will not be recoverable.

Please note that an exact copy will be made from the originating document. The originating document may have been created from a template that now contains outdated language. Users must be careful to check for any language that may require updating in the copied items.


Last Modified On: Aug 27, 2013