Why don't the links in my document work after I send the document to FedBizOpps?

If users hit a link to an attachment in your document and the attachment does not appear, there are several possible reasons:

  1. Check that you created your links properly in the DGS editor. Test all links when previewing your document in DGS before Finalizing.

  2. Check that you have Finalized your document in DGS. The links are transformed during Finalization to work when transferred to FedBizOpps.

  3. Check that all files (main document and all attachments) have been sent to FedBizOpps. If all the attachment files are not sent to FedBizOpps along with your main document, your links to these files will not work. After completing and finalizing your document in DGS, you must download all files from the List of Attachments to your local directory. This downloaded file is a compressed ZIP file containing your main document plus all the attachment files. Once downloaded to your local directory, you can extract all the individual files and send EACH file to FedBizOpps

  4. Check that all files sent to FedBizOpps go into a single directory (folder). Users have had trouble when they transfer their files and each file goes into a separate directory.

  5. Check that all attachments are in PDF format. Not all viewers will have Word Perfect, Word, Excel, etc. on their computers, so attachments that are in these formats will not be able to be opened by everyone. The PDF format is more universally accessible.


Last Modified On: Aug 26, 2013