Where can I find instructions for using DGS?

Online help documentation is available through the Help button located in the DGS application. Login to the application and select Help along the top right toolbar. Through the online help documentation, you can download a copy of the DGS User Guide, perform searches on the online help, or view video instructions for some of areas of DGS.


Last Modified On: Aug 27, 2013

When I try to access DGS, I receive a message stating “You are not authorized to access the Document Generation System. Please contact the help desk for assistance.”

DGS requires a user account. Please contact the DGS Help Desk at DGShelp@peacetech.com, and we will set up and activate your DGS account.


Why am I able to view a DGS document, but I’m unable to edit the document?

DGS is based on user permissions, which means you must be assigned to a document in order to edit the contents. If you need to edit a document, you can ask your Branch Chief, Team Leader, or the Help Desk to reassign the document to you.


How do I paste a Word document table into the DGS editor?

To paste a table from a Word document:

  1. Create your table in Word.

  2. Select the entire table and hit CTRL+C keys to copy the table.

  3. In DGS, navigate to your document and locate the item in the Detail Tree where you want to insert the table.

  4. Open the item in the DGS Editor by selecting the item and clicking the Edit Item icon.

  5. In the edit screen place your cursor in the position you want the table to be pasted.


When I try to preview the DGS document, the PDF does not render and I receive a message stating, “The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”

If you receive this message, most likely a table pasted into the DGS editor contains coding that is not standard and is creating a conflict when rendering the PDF. If you receive this message, please contact the DGS Help Desk at dgshelp@peacetech.com and we will help resolve the problem.


Ordered Lists: ordered list not correctly numbered; ordered list misaligned; ordered list numbered one way in DGS, but numbered differently in the PDF.

Ordered lists need to be defined through the DGS editor in order to display correctly in DGS and the rendered PDF. To create an ordered list within the DGS editor:

  1. Place cursor in the edit screen where you wish to add the list.

  2. Click on the “ordered list” icon in the Editor’s toolbar.

  3. The number 1 will appear in the edit screen.

  4. Begin to type your list item.

  5. Press the return button on keyboard to continue with the next list item.

  6. To create a sub-list:


Once I create an RFP document, can I change it to a Contract document?

No, once a document is created, there is no way to switch that document to another document type; however, there is a workaround. If you have workform items in one document that you would like to use in the new document, you may copy individual items or an entire section to the new document. Perform these steps to copy items from one document to a draft document:

  1. Create the new document from the latest template.

  2. From the document Details screen, select “Copy Item” from the menu


How do I attach documents using Attachment Manager?

To attach documents using the Attachment Manager:

  1. The file you wish to attach needs to be accessible from the user's machine or local area network.

  2. Click the Attachment Manager hyperlink in the menu bar (this option is only available if the document is in draft).

  3. Use the "Browse" button to locate the file to be attached, select the file and click "Open"


Last Modified On: Aug 27, 2013

How do I create a link in the DGS document to the files in the Attachment Manager (for attachments that are not in Section J's predefined attachments list)?

Files can be uploaded in the Attachment Manager window and in the item content a hyperlink to that attached file may be created in the Editor with the Insert/Edit Link feature (see: Adding an Attachment In the Editor screen).

  1. From the Summary screen or the Details screen open the Attachment Manager by clicking on the "Attachment Manager" hyperlink in the menu bar.

  2. To add a file to be attached to the document.

    1. Use the Browse feature to locate the file.


Why don't the links in my document work after I send the document to FedBizOpps?

If users hit a link to an attachment in your document and the attachment does not appear, there are several possible reasons:

  1. Check that you created your links properly in the DGS editor. Test all links when previewing your document in DGS before Finalizing.

  2. Check that you have Finalized your document in DGS. The links are transformed during Finalization to work when transferred to FedBizOpps.


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