Attachment E NIH Final Recovery Act Checklist Complete checklist and submit to award approving official prior to contract award.


The NIH Proposed Recovery Act Contract Action Approval Form has been completed and approved by;

  • NIH Deputy Director (for R & D)
  • EO for Non-R&D under $500k
  • Director/Deputy Director OALM for Non-R&D $500k and over.


Adequate Market Research has been conducted.

Sources Sought Notice posted for minimum of 10 days (when sole source, as applicable).

For sole source actions, JOFOC has been approved prior to issuance of solicitation.

A Review and Approval Template has been prepared and approved by the IC OA Director. A copy is included in the contract file.

Coordinated with Public Affairs prior to award (excludes RMS and IRP funded contract actions). Information in email to Public Affairs includes “Source Selection Information” legend.

For equipment, approval memo has been signed by Dr. Michael Gottesman prior to award.

The action has been reported to four times, as applicable:

  • At project approval (after NIH Approval form is signed)
  • Following posting of presolicitation notice
  • Following issuance of solicitation
  • Prior to award (copy of 1st page of award document will be provided)


This is not an existing contract using the payment management system/letter of credit.

Contract Document

Prior to contract award/issuance of modification, the contractor was determined to be responsible and verification was conducted to ensure the contractor was not listed in the Excluded Parties List System at .

ARRA specific contract clauses have been included in the contract.


“RECOVERY” is the first word in the title on the award document, including modifications.

Approval has been obtained one level above the “normal” internal review process of the IC.

The solicitation and award document indicates which products or services are funded under the Recovery Act.

All approvals have been obtained.

Data Reporting

“RECOVERY” is the first word in the title for all FedBizOpps notices (sources sought, presolicitation and award notices)

Presolicitation notice has been posted in FedBizOpps for TO/DO’s of $25,000 or more (includes GWACs, MACs, FSS contracts including BPAs and other IDIQ contracts, whether single or multiple award) for “information purposes only”.

An award notice will be issued in FedBizOpps (required for all contract actions of $25,000 or more). The award notice shall include the D-U-N-S number for the awardee(s).

The award notice in FedBizOpps shall include the rationale if not fixed price and/or competitive.

The JOFOC will be posted to the award notice if sole source.

The words “Recovery Act” shall be included immediately after the Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) in DCIS.

DCIS will be completed prior to contract award/issuance of modification.


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(At least one level above CO)


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