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The Division of Financial Advisory Services (DFAS)

The Division of Financial Advisory Services (DFAS) is a centralized office that supports the Office of the Director, NIH; contracts, grants and program officials of NIH's Institutes and Centers; and business management officials of NIH's contractors and grantees. DFAS also provides grant and contract support to all other operating divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). 

DFAS provides financial advice, participates in the development, coordination and implementation of cost policy relating to contracts and grants, resolves audit findings, performs cost analyses and special reviews, and negotiates indirect cost rates with commercial companies which receive the preponderance of their federal awards from the DHHS.

The Division is staffed with a dedicated group of auditors and administrative staff working as a team to support the DHHS's multi-billion dollar contracts and grants programs.

IDC Electronic Submission Notice (Effective Immediately):

DFAS now accepts only electronic submissions for indirect cost proposals.

To request a secured link for your company’s indirect cost submissions, please email indirectproposalsub@nih.gov with the company name, contact person’s name, phone number and email address, and the year(s) of submission. For security purposes, do not include any company proprietary information in the email.  We will send you a unique Secure Email and File Transfer (SEFT) link with detailed instructions.  You will submit your proposals and supporting documents via SEFT.

For specific questions regarding indirect cost submission requirements and related regulations, please send your inquiries to dfas-idc@nih.gov.

NOTE: This electronic submission process is in effect until further notice.


The DFAS mission is to provide quality financial advice and services to ensure the appropriate funding and reimbursement of contracts and grants.


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In addition to the Director and her immediate staff, DFAS has five specialized Branches, i.e., four Indirect Cost Branch and the Special Reviews Branch. A complete staff listing and specific areas of responsibility are shown on each organizational component’s web page.

DFAS Director

The DFAS Director is responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of the Indirect Cost Branches, and the Special Reviews Branch. In addition, the Director and her immediate staff contribute at various NIH and DHHS levels to the development, coordination and implementation of cost policy relating to contracts and grants, serve as the NIH liaison with the DHHS Office of Audit Services and other Federal audit offices, conduct studies and surveys and provide representation on DHHS and NIH study groups and committees concerned with contract and grant management and administration. The Director and her immediate staff also coordinate training activities conducted by DFAS.

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