Indirect Cost Branch

IDC Electronic Submission Notice (Effective Immediately):

DFAS now accepts only electronic submissions for indirect cost proposals.

To request a secured link for your company’s indirect cost submissions, please email with the company name, contact person’s name, phone number and email address, and the year(s) of submission. For security purpose, do not include any company proprietary information in the email.  We will send you a unique Secure Email and File Transfer (SEFT) link with detailed instructions.  You will submit your proposals and supporting documents via SEFT.

For specific questions regarding indirect cost submission requirements and related regulations, please send your inquiries to

NOTE: This electronic submission process is in effect until further notice.

The DFAS Indirect Cost Branch is the centralized organizational component authorized to negotiate indirect cost rates with commercial companies which receive the preponderance of their federal awards from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Branch negotiates provisional rates that are used to fund and reimburse indirect costs on contracts and grants and final rates, based on actual costs, that are used to adjust indirect costs previously reported or reimbursed using provisional rates.

[Go to the Indirect Cost Submission web page for electronic copies of the Branch's information package documents.]    

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