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About the Path to Excellence and Innovation

The PEI Initiative is a tremendous opportunity for the National Institutes of Health to work more collaboratively with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The mission of the PEI Initiative is to empower HBCUs with the knowledge, resources, and skills they need to effectively and consistently compete for and win contracts from the National Institutes of Health and thereby diversify revenue streams and create more research opportunities for those academic institutions. 

The PEI Initiative is a uniquely designed step-by-step roadmap to create significantly more opportunities for HBCUs through collaboration with business partners by providing training and technical assistance to HBCUs applying for NIH contracts and grants.

Fiscal Year 2021 Expansion

In fiscal year 2021, the PEI 2.0 Initiative will onboard additional HBCUs and Business Partners into an extensive 12-month acquisition training program that provides a comprehensive overview of NIH funding mechanisms and federal contracting policies. The PEI 2.0 will feature a database that will allow Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and their respective Business Partners to access NIH contract and grant opportunities consolidated within a straightforward dashboard. The tool also provides a communication platform where the HBCU or Business Partner can submit inquiries or requests for assistance to the Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management (OALM) staff and view OALM announcements.  Additionally, the NIH is developing an organic PEI Technical Assistance Center (TAC). This will be a comprehensive ecosystem providing professional guidance with all aspects of the acquisition life cycle that will assist HBCUs in competing for and managing acquisition opportunities with the NIH. The ultimate goal of the next phase of the PEI Initiative will be to assist the Small Business Program Office in empowering HBCUs to secure 2% of NIH contracts. To ensure success, in FY2021, HBCUs and Business Partners will be required to apply to the program, and they will be evaluated based on their procurement readiness.  
If you are interested in becoming apart of the PEI 2.0 cohort, use the links below to apply. Applications will be released on January 15, 2021, and will no longer be accepted after February 12, 2021

Pilot HBCU Teams


Hampton University

ESC Inc.

Howard University

Versa Integrated Solutions

Jackson State University

The Jones Group
Longevity Consulting, LLC

Meharry Medical College

ADA Consulting
B3 Solutions
Millennium Corporation

Morehouse School of Medicine

Supreme Solutions Inc.

The University of the Virgin Islands

Exnihilo Management and Omni Systems Inc.

PEI HBCU Webinars
HBCU Capability Statement/NAICS Code Refresher Webinar

HBCU GSA Schedules Webinar 

NITAAC Webinar for HBCUs 

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