Review Instructions

The table below lists all supporting documentation that should be included, at a minimum, with the subject action when it is submitted to DAPE for review. Note: DAPE may request additional supporting documentation as required to complete a review.

Please submit documents for review to

All Acquisition Strategies and Acquisition Plans should be routed through AMPSS for HCA signature.

Review Type and Required Supporting Documentation are as follows:

Acquisition Strategy

  • Overarching IGCE
  • Presentation Slides (If the AS requires HHS approval)

Acquisition Plan

  • IGCE
  • Task Order SOW (if applicable)


  • IGCE
  • Sources Sought Notice (if any)
  • Documented review of capability statements (if any were received)
  • Pre-solicitation notice (required for J&As only)
  • Previously approved J&A/JEFO/LSJ for the same requirement (if applicable)


  • None (DAPE may request supporting documentation as needed)


(for the use of HHSAR Clauses 352.227-11 Patent Rights – Exceptional Circumstances and 352.227-14 – Rights in Data – Exceptional Circumstances)

  • Memo from the CO requesting approval of the DEC
  • Copy of HHSAR Clause(s)

Protests to GAO

  • See NIH Manual Chapter 6033-1



Made in America Waivers

  • Determination and Finding – Templates are located on
  • BAA/TAA Checklist – Completed by the program office and approved by the Contracting Officer – Templates are located on
  • Market Research Report – Directive and template are located on Include when above the SAT
  • Sources Sought Notice (if any)
  • IGCE – Include when above the SAT
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