HBCU Resources

Thank you for your interest in conducting business with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Please utilize the resources below to increase your familiarity with the NIH’s efforts to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities with applying for federal contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements.


  1. PEI Useful Resources
    1. NIH PEI Strategic Plan
    2. PEI Fact Sheet
    3. PEI Whitepaper
    4. HBCU Frequently Asked Questions
  2. PEI Resources for HBCUs
  3. PEI History
  4. NIH HBCU Path to Excellence and Innovation ListServ


PEI HBCU Webinars
HBCU Capability Statement/NAICS Code Refresher Webinar

HBCU GSA Schedules Webinar 

NITAAC Webinar for HBCUs 

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