OAMP Associate Director

The OAMP Associate Director’s Office is responsible for supporting efforts of the OAMP divisions, Associate Director, and Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA), including:

  • Strategic Activities  - developing policies and standard operating procedures to increase operational effectiveness and uniformity, and align NIH with changes instituted through statutes, regulations, and directives;
  • Organizational Guidance  - providing leadership and direction for NIH acquisition, financial, and program activities, such as employee engagement and development, succession planning, and risk management;
  • Oversight Activities  - advising on procurement and appropriations law and regulatory matters; maintaining continual reviews of acquisition activity within the operational components of NIH Institutes and Centers to ensure compliance with Federal, DHHS and NIH acquisition regulations, directives and manuals, including 508 compliance;
  • Outreach Activities  - planning and conducting seminars and training for the NIH program and contracting personnel as well as for the business community, such as serving as liaison for OAMP and NIH on various work groups and cross-government committees;
  • Deliver Information Technology Services   – Systems used by OAMP, NIH and HHS acquisition communities include the OAMP website; electronic submission portals; the DFAS system that stores proprietary indirect cost rate information; and PRISM Document Generation that generates solicitation and contract documents to assist NIH acquisition staff in contract and solicitation preparation; and



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Director: Tiffany Chadwick