Advises the Associate Director, OAMP, and staff of procedures and practices in the areas of simplified acquisitions, delegated acquisition, and acquisition support programs. Responsible for:

  • Planning, developing, recommending and establishing NIH-wide procedures, guidance and practices in the area of simplified acquisitions.
  • Administering and overseeing NIH’s delegated acquisition system and providing guidance, training and reviews.
  • In conjunction with the Acquisition Career Program in OALM, managing delegated acquisition authority function and maintaining files.
  • Administering and overseeing the NIH Purchase Card Program. Includes providing guidance, training and conducting reviews.
  • Planning, negotiating, awarding and terminating NIH-wide and restricted BPAs.
  • Analyzing repetitive acquisitions to ascertain the most cost-effective method, including consolidation into potential BPA awards.
  • Negotiating vendor discounts with open market and Federal Supply Schedule vendors.
  • Conducting discount validation reviews and identifying areas of procedural problems as well as non-compliance by BPA vendors.
  • As requested, coordinating and submitting pertinent acquisition business data and documentation.


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Customer Service

Branch Telephone E-mail
Purchase Card 301-435-6606 Creditcard@od.nih.gov
BPA 301-496-5212 BPAProgramBranch@od.nih.gov
Simplified Acquisitions 301-496-0400 SimplifiedAcquisitionHelp@od.nih.gov


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Director : Doreen Rappaport
General DSAPS Phone: (301) 435-3927

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