Multiple Principal Investigators (PI)

As directed by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the NIH now allows offerors on selected research and development contracts the option to propose a multiple PIs approach.

The multiple PIs approach under research and development contracts shall use subcontracts. In this strategy, a single award is made to a prime contractor. Subcontract(s) fund the components of the project at the other institution(s). The relationship between the contractor and subcontractor(s) must be designed to support all components of the project. The contract identifies all PIs as Key Personnel.

Contact PI:

To facilitate communication with the NIH, all multiple PIs awards must designate a Contact PI. The Contact PI must be employed at the prime contractor’s organization and the Contact PI may rotate on an annual basis. However, this rotation is restricted to PIs employed at the prime contractor’s organization. The Contact PI is responsible for: relaying communications between all of the PIs and the NIH; and coordinating progress reports for the project. The Contact PI must meet all eligibility requirements for PI status in the same way as other PIs, but being named Contact PI does not confer any special authority for the project.

Multiple Principal Investigator Leadership Plan:

Awards designating multiple PIs require a Leadership Plan. The Leadership Plan describes the governance and organizational structure of the research project including communication plans, process for making decisions on scientific direction, allocation of resources, publications, intellectual property issues, and procedures for resolving conflicts. The roles and administrative, technical, and scientific responsibilities for the project or program are delineated for the PIs, including responsibilities for human subjects or animal studies as appropriate. Contracts will incorporate the Leadership Plan by reference or include it as an attachment in Section J.

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