BPA Program

The Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Program creates NIH-wide ordering mechanisms for the delegated community via establishment of BPAs. BPA Calls or the purchase card are used to place orders and obligate funds against the BPAs.

BPA Listings BPA Packages

NOTE: Only vendors who have received a letter from the BPA Program should use these links.

NIH-Wide BPA List, October 2019   Open Market  
BPA Commodity List, October 2019   Federal Supply Schedule  
NIH Buyer Listing, October 2017    
BPA Program  
Vendor Helpful Links   
BPA Call Past Performance Questionnaire  
NIH BPA Pricelists (Access restricted to the NIH Acquisition Community. If access is required, contact the BPA Program Help Desk.)  
BPA Frequently Asked Questions    
Vendor BPA Frequently Asked Questions    

Any NIH employee interested in free NIH BPA Training; contact the BPA Helpline at 301-496-5212 or the BPA Program Help Desk. This training is worth 1 CLP.

BPA Contacts:

BPA Program Helpline: 301-496-5212

BPA Program Email: BPAProgramBranch@od.nih.gov


Last Modified On: Oct 17, 2019