Division of Acquisition Policy and Evaluation (DAPE)

Office of the Division Director
Work Email
Murthy, Vijaya Director, DAPE 301-496-3432 vijaya.murthy@nih.gov 6100
Contractor Support Administrative Assistant 301-496-6746 dape@od.nih.gov 6100/ 6C01
Bartlett, Moriah Procurement Analyst 301-480-7101 moriah.bartlett@nih.gov  
Dillon, Raymond Procurement Analyst 301-496-6014 dillonr@mail.nih.gov 6100
Hall, Daniel Procurement Analyst 301-594-5711 daniel.hall@nih.gov 6100
Jones, Silver Procurement Analyst 301-496-5030 jonessi@mail.nih.gov 6100/ 6B05P
Manouelian, John Procurement Analyst 301-827-6214 manouelj@mail.nih.gov  
Moore, Cornelius Procurement Analyst 301-496-3406 mooreco@mail.nih.gov 6100
Turner-Cooper, Maureen Procurement Analyst 301-402-8214 maureen.turnercooper@nih.gov 6100/ 6B05P
Walls, Darlene Procurement Analyst 301-496-2874 darlene.walls@nih.gov 6100/ 6C01A
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Director: Nancy Norton