Buyer Contracts Course Information

This site supports the Buyer Contracts course and provides supplemental materials and resources to extend your learning experience. Watch the Video for a sneak peek at the Buyer Contracts course.

Getting Started

Start here– for a new Buyer, these should be your first steps:

  1. Identify your Buyer Contracts Course Coach
  2. Register and launch the Buyer Contracts Course via the HHS LMS
  3. Launch and complete all six course modules.
  4. After completing all modules, launch and complete the Final Assessment. You must receive a score of 70% or greater to receive credit for the course.
  5. Print or save a copy of your LMS Buyer Contracts Learning Assignments Page. This will display proof of all module completion and your Final Assessment score.
  6. Request Access to PRISM upon course completion by completing the Buyer Contracts User Access form and attaching your LMS completion documentation.

Coach’s Corner

These resources guide the Coaching experience.
List of Coaches
Coach’s Kickoff Presentation
Coach’s Checklist

General Resources

These resources are applicable to more than one module, and can be referenced at any time.


Module-Specific Activities & Resources

Resources mentioned in each Module Wrap-Up’s “Learn More” section.

Module 1: NIH Business System Overview

Module 2: Introduction to PRISM

Module 3: Pre-Award

Module 4: Creating a Contract

Module 5: Administering & Modifying a Contract

Module 6: Contract Closeout


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