The NIH Enterprise Document Generation System (DGS) Team maintains contract and solicitation clauses and provisions (also known as "Workforms") for use by the NIH Acquisition community. The DGS Program and System is managed and maintained by Office of Acquisition Management and Policy Front Office (OAMP FO).

The NIH Enterprise Document Generation System

Announcement  Note upcoming scheduled DGS downtime:
5:00 PM ET Friday, December 3rd through 5:00 PM ET Sunday, December 5th, 2021

DGS Resources

RFP and Contract Handbooks

View DGS handbook files, forthcoming workform updates, and electronic invoicing instructions.

Section J Attachments

Standard attachments to be used when generating a contract and/or solicitation with the DGS.

Contracting Forms

View a list of contracting forms.

General Clauses

View a list of DGS general clauses

Commercial Item Provisions & Clauses

Provision in solicitations, clauses, and invoicing instructions used in purchase orders or contracts for commercial items.

Simplified Clauses and Attachments

Solicitations and Purchase Orders for non-commercial items/services within the simplified acquisition threshold.

Reference Links

Regulatory, Cost/Price Information, and External Contract Resources Systems.

Program Lead: Veenu Varma, OAMP FO

DGS Help Desk