About DGS

The Document Generation System (DGS) Team maintains contract and solicitation clauses and provisions (also known as “Workforms”) for use by the NIH Acquisition community. This includes:

  • The DGS Program and System is managed and maintained by Office of Acquisition Management and Policy Front Office (OAMP FO).
  • Maintenance and update of the content of the workforms.
  • Maintenance and update of the Contract and Solicitation Handbook files in Word format with each workform update.
  • Maintenance of an Intranet website for NIH Acquisition Staff which provides access to the updated Handbook files; Workform Attachment files; Commercial Items Clauses; and Simplified Clause Listing (52.213-4) in Word format.
  • Issuance of NIH-wide e-mail notification (1102 List Serve) advising NIH contract community of the specific revisions made to the workforms for each DGS update.
  • Maintenance of an Internet website for offerors and contractors which provides reference information for use in proposal and contract deliverable submission.
  • Establishing and leading an NIH-wide Workform Users Group to include representatives from each COAC.
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Program Lead: Veenu Varma, OAMP FO

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