Path to Excellence and Innovation

About the Path to Excellence and Innovation

In accordance with Presidential Executive Order 13779: The White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), [federal] agencies are to assist in    strengthening HBCU’s ability to equitably participate in Federal programs and explore new ways of improving the relationship between the Federal Government and HBCUs; and establish how the agency intends to increase the capacity of HBCUs to compete effectively for grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements.


The Path to Excellence and Innovation (PEI) is a comprehensive plan to expand the existing National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Program in the Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management (OALM).  The PEI provides a platform for increased transparency between HBCUs and the Federal government through the provision of outreach events, training opportunities and one-on-one assistance. Currently, there are six pilot schools and each school has chosen one or more Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) teaming partners to support their efforts in this pilot program.


Pilot HBCU Teams




Hampton University

ESC Inc.

Howard University

Versa Integrated Solutions

Jackson State University

The Jones Group

Longevity Consulting, LLC

Meharry Medical College

ADA Consulting

B3 Solutions

Millennium Corporation

Morehouse School of Medicine

Supreme Solutions Inc.

The University of the Virgin Islands

Exnihilo Management and Omni Systems Inc.




  • Establish how the NIH intends to increase the capacity of HBCUs to compete effectively for grants, contracts or cooperative agreements
  • Identify Federal programs and initiatives where HBCUs are not well represented, and improve HBCUs participation in those programs and initiatives
  • Develop a reference manual/curriculum on how to do business with Federal Government for the schools
  • Develop WIN strategies using existing small business rules/regulations to leverage potential opportunities
  • Encourage public-sector, private-sector, and community involvement in improving the overall capacity of HBCUs
  • Seek funding to continue the contract support for the initiative


Last Modified On: Jul 16, 2019