ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) Information

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ARRA Information


  1. Attachment A: Supplemental Guidance in Use of Recovery Act Funds for NIH Research Management and Support and Intramural Research Program Activities
  2. Attachment B: Proposed Recovery Act Contract Action Approval Form (Specify Title of Requirement)
  3. Attachment C: Instructions on Review and Approval Template for Recovery Act Funded Contract Actions
  4. Attachment D: Request for DDIR Approval of ARRA Equipment Purchases
  5. Attachment E: NIH Final Recovery Act Checklist
  6. Attachment F: NIH Recovery Act Flow Chart (Acquisitions)
  7. Attachment G: Financial Account Coding for Recovery Act
  8. Attachment H: NBS Alert for iProcurement Requisitions
  9. Attachment I: Recovery Act Guidance on Excluded Parties
  10. Attachment J: FAR Case 2009-009: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Reporting Requirements



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